Jurassic Park 4: Details and Projections

Jurassic Park 4
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As I was looking through some of my old movies the other day I was thinking about if any of them had sequels coming out as I find it more enjoyable to watch a sequel shortly after watching its predecessor. After flipping through fifty or so boring VHS’s I stumbled upon one of my all time favorites: Jurassic Park. Based on the ingenious novel by the late Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park is arguably one of the greatest movies of all time. Like many other movies done by Spielberg, Jurassic Park was an instant classic. Unfortunately, the dynasty was short lived, as Jurassic Park 2 and 3 were extinct the minute they were made. It’s truly a shame to see such an amazing series go to waste, but it would seem that money takes priority over quality film these days.

As far as sequels go, Jurassic Park 4 is officially in production and is set for a 2015 release. Although not much is revealed about the long awaited installment, the story is supposedly going to return to Isla Nublar (the setting of the first film).

There were many different directors that were rumored to take the franchise under their wing over the past decade, but now that the dust has cleared, it will officially be directed by Colin Trevorrow, who is best know for directing Safety Not Guaranteed last year. The script is still being written and edited, but it is rumored to be the most ambitious Jurassic Park yet. These guys make movies for a living and I’m sure with the park’s life on the line, they will come through and make a masterpiece. That being said, I had some completely different hopes for the next Jurassic Park movie.

As symbolic as returning to where the series began can be, I think the series needs more than a new cast retuning to the same island. Granted the movie is still in development, so I don’t mean to criticize something that doesn’t exist yet, but I think there is much more potential for the fourth movie than anyone even realizes. Throw me a bone here. What if instead of going back, the movie takes place a hundred years in the future. Technology is unbelievably advanced and humans are in the space age. What if instead of a park reaching over a few acres, they colonize the moon or Mars, terraform it to be inhabitable, and create a literal planet for the dinosaurs. A planet where they can rule again as they once did. I want to see something as epic as that. I want to see people visiting the moon and a T-Rex grabbing the spaceship out of thin air. Who wouldn’t pay thirteen dollars to see that? If Hollywood is as financially oriented as I have made them out to be, I don’t see how this is too farfetched of a concept to become a reality. With movies like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Avengers, and Star Trek Into Darkness, I don’t see why something similar to what I described would be off the table by any means. It’s almost as if it’s a competition of who can make the most epic movie these days; if that is the case Jurassic Park has winning potential. I mean seriously, what’s cooler than dinosaurs?

Alright, so maybe “Jurassic Moon” is a little too far out there and maybe it can be just as epic here on earth, but in this day and age with the technology at our disposal, I’m just pointing out that nothing is off the table. Whether it will be similar to the first three films, or vastly different is beyond me, but if a T-Rex does in fact clamp down on a spaceship as it attempts so flee the moon, I will feel quite compelled to say I told you so.

Stay tuned for more info!

By Alec Kaden

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  • Toby

    Dude your ideas sucked ass..

    • Emily Kimberly

      I love you

  • saharasky

    I’m sorry but that idea is awful! From the people that brought you Transformers 3 lol

    • Emily Kimberly

      I LOVE you

  • iheardin

    Not to worry, the rumors and news about what they’re actually doing sounds intriguing enough… but you can’t deny the potential still left in the franchise

    • Emily Kimberly

      I LoVe you

  • Forrest Gump

    I don’t know what you been smoking, but it must be pretty strong. That’s Dinobots, not JP.

    • Emily Kimberly

      I LovE you

  • Benjamin Statham

    Your ideas are bad and you should feel bad!

    • Emily Kimberly

      I LOve you

  • 101

    I know you were just brain storming ideas around… But those ideas were pretty horrible. Our advancements in technology and effects should never take place of story. What you wrote is putting technology before story. Technology doesn’t accommodate story. Story accommodates technology.

    Again, I know you were brain storming around, but your claims and support were pretty weak. I feel like you really have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Lui

    I disagree with your thoughts on the sequels.
    The Lost World: Jurassic Park was not as good as the first but still a decent sequel, the story was decent, the acting was good and the effects were mindblowing.
    Jurassic Park III was pretty weak compared to the first two but is still likeable, I liked the addition of the Spinosaurus and the return of Dr. Alan Grant.
    I’m very excited to see where the franchise will take us with Jurassic Park 4.

  • Vamsi Viswanadha

    Those ideas Stink bad dude . And the sequels thingy.. The Lost World was not as good as the Book but still was worthy enough for being a JP Sequel.. I Loved JP 2 .. and Yeah JP 3 was a downer..

  • BluntTruth

    So let me get this straight… You’re a writing major with a passion for story, characters, and plot – but what you just wrote is the exact opposite of all that.

    Sounds like you’re more concerned about writing the next Transformers movie with Michael Bay than you are writing good stories. You may get a job on a shitty movie writing a shitty story, but you ain’t getting a job on any show or movie that requires substance.

  • Cris

    You guys are idiots and played into his game, he was clearly being facetious…

    • guest

      Apparently not clear enough.

    • Manic

      You ,must like to eat shit…

  • Alec Kaden

    In response to all of your comments, I would just like to say that I apologize that this article upset you, or was not to your liking. As a contributor to the site, I want all of my articles to be thought provoking and enjoyable, and I apologize again that this article was not so. Second of all, I would like to say that “Jurassic moon” was not a serious idea, I thought I made that pretty clear. The idea of this article was to be informative about the actual upcoming film Jurassic Park 4, while also delivering a nice slice of humor, sarcasm, and satire. From these comments, I can see that the delivery may have been a little unclear, but read some of my other articles, as I can assure you my approach is quite different.

    • Chance

      You weren’t really clear at all… Saying “Throw me a bone here…” isn’t really enough to get a reader to level with you.

      The article had no humor, it was sarcastic, and had zero satire. Sarcasm doesn’t lead to humor or satire, unless it’s witty or exposes the truth about something. I for one, “got”, where you were coming from , but it was a little hard to read considering the ideas were pretty bad and there was no clarity in your prose or position on the story.

      I understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time, it wasn’t that good of an article either. Go watch some videos with Kurt Vonnegut, and you’ll see how to deliver a story or article with satire, humor, and sarcasm. Learn from the best.

      Good Luck

    • martha stuart

      Fix your bio – writing for “lambos” makes you sound like an ass and takes away from your “passion for writing” cliché. I am impressed that you were able to piss this many people off with an article on Jurrasic Park 4! Learn how to stop being an idiot. Nobody likes you. Nobody cares about your other articles. Way to fuck up. You’re a gay sock puppet.

  • Offended Reader

    Dear Commenters,

    After reading this article and all of the comments, I am deeply saddened. The amount of rudeness and disrespect in this comment thread is alarming. The reason we have comment boards at all is for discussion and constructive feedback. However, no one said anything constructive. Regardless of what the article is like, no one should be as disrespectful or just plain mean as you have been. Did nobody learn manners as children? Just because your identity is masked behind a keyboard, does not entitle you to disregard an author’s feelings or career. We are all trying to learn; maybe offer some useful advice instead of trash talking. Honestly, I don’t think the article is terrible. The ideas may not be top quality blockbuster worthy, but he is not writing a top-quality blockbuster movie. Just an article. Offer your own ideas for the sake of discussion. I really hope you’ll consider removing your comments or sending the author a message of apology. If you’re going to use the internet, learn how to behave on the internet.

    Offended Reader

    • Emily Kimberly

      Kiss my A$$

    • Winner

      Just shut the fuck up. If you can’t take it, don’t do it.

      • Alec Kaden

        This was not me, I only post with my real name. I have nothing to hide and value all feedback regardless of its content.

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