December 14, 2013

Naked and Afraid: Hold Onto Your Butts!

Naked and Afraid

Reality television is becoming a bit redundant.  How many singing/talent competition shows can there really be?  So, instead of coming up with new ideas, it seems that producers are just going to start taking old ideas and saying, “How do we make this EXTREME!?”  That’s what Discovery Channel has done in the form of Naked and Afraid.  They were watching the last season of Survivor and said, “Yeah… it’s good but you know what America loves? Nudity!”  And, amazingly, it worked!  If you’re flipping through the channels and stumble upon beautiful scenery straight out of a screen saver and notice several un-pixilated asses wandering around, chances are you’ll at least stop to see what all this is about.

The premise is simple.  Two extreme survivalists, who are strangers, are dropped into the wilderness with nothing but their birthday suits (and a hatchet, it seems) and told to survive for 21 days.  Yes, this is extreme.  Luckily, because of the insane difficulty of this task, producers are forced to pick people who aren’t insane (in this episode at least.)  Jonathan (a former marine) and Alison (when asked where she’s from, responds, “the world“) are thrust into a tropical paradise and told to survive.  They go through the typical roller coaster of emotions you’d expect.  ”This is crazy!” “I’m going to quit!” “He sucks” “She sucks” “He’s proving himself” “She’s better at this than I thought” “He caught an oyster! He’s the best!” “I couldn’t have done this without her!

It’s predictable, sure, but only because it’s exactly what you’d expect in a situation with no food and no water.  You’d be cranky too. All this to say, it’s an impressive show.  Anyone who can fashion hats, a bra, and baskets from leaves in less than a day has my respect, because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it 24 hours without a coffee.  The fact that these people have actual skills, and seem to actually have brains in their heads is what makes Naked and Afraid refreshing.  These are the kind of reality shows I can get behind (get it!? No? Ok, moving on).  The best part, you’re only stuck with these people for a quick 60 minutes and each week you’ll find a new pair to judge and make funny quips about.  Enjoy the butts!

Naked & Afraid airs Sunday nights at 10:00PM EST on the Discovery Channel.

By Alec Bugg


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