December 14, 2013

John Mayer - "Paper Doll" Prancercise

John Mayer Paper Doll

John Mayer’s newest music video surprised the world when it was released earlier this month on June 18th. Created for his new single “Paper Doll,” there was very little information noted about the video in its description. However, most viewers would already be familiar with the visual content it provided. In a surprisingly funny and unique turn of events, Mayer’s new music lyric video involved featuring the web-famous Joanna Rohrback, once again entertaining millions of online viewers with a new Prancercise video.

Although Rohrback’s patented form of casual exercise movement has no clear similarities to the lyrics and purpose of “Paper Doll,” Mayer’s choice to feature it in his new music video is an intelligent one. The original Prancercise video was a huge viral hit, so it would only make sense that a sequel would also do well. In only just over a week, John Mayer’s music lyric video has acquired over a whopping 2.5 million hits on Youtube alone.

Take a look (and listen) to John Mayer’s new video for “Paper Doll” below:

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By Dominick Finetti


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