P Diddy to Start Cable Music Channel – Revolt TV

20 Jun, 2013

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Sean Combs has big news; no, he’s not changing his name again.  “What is Diddy doing now?” you ask incredulously?  Well, look no further than the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.  The artist formerly known as Puff Daddy announced Wednesday morning that he plans to launch his own cable music channel, Revolt TVPlans were first announced for the channel in February of 2012, when Comcast was lobbying for their acquisition of a majority stake in NBCUniversal, when Comcast had pledged to carry channels owned by minorities.

Why would Diddy decide to do this, having done so much already?  What more could he possibly contribute that he hasn’t already done?  Nothing too special, Combs simply plans to revolutionize TV by creating the “first channel of the social media age,” while taking a page from the Old Testament of MTV and offering a platform for musicians and music appreciating individuals to find news related to artists and the industry, as well as providing a platform for up and coming musical acts.

I would say this journey started me for seven years ago when MTV stopped playing music and that had huge impact on the future of music,” he said. “The music started to become safe. We didn’t have the experience I had when I grew up, whether it be Led Zeppelin or Janice Joplin. There was no longer a platform for music artists to trust with their creativity.

There was also no place that was covering music in the way that if you follow sports you go to ESPN, or like CNN with news, but with music you were just thrown into the abyss. We will cover music in a journalistic way, covering it in a way in that it has not been covered before, and we will celebrate creative and cinematography.

For Sean Combs, a renowned record producer and entrepreneur, this seems like a feel-good story that would make even the hardest hip hop fans feel all warm and gushy inside.  Diddy clearly doesn’t need the money; Forbes has listed him as the richest man in the hip-hop industry in 2012.  Despite the money, Diddy is asking for the financial support of industry executives in funding his channel, (insert “Diddy Dirty Money” joke of your choice here.)

Revolt TV will do for cable TV what MTV forgot how to do: give the fans what they want – music – while keeping pace with the constantly evolving field of communications and social media.  The only question is, in a world where music is so readily accessible via the Internet, is this project too late to blossom?  You can check out all the updates from the event at canneslions.com, or by following the hashtag #canneslions on Twitter.

By Kevin Cardoni

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