December 24, 2013

Breaking Bad Teases the Coming End


Breaking Bad isn’t quite back just yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be tossing and turning in your sleep at night, waking up in a cold sweat, and screaming out Bryan Cranston’s name in your sleep.  AMC is releasing its first ever teaser campaign for the final episodes of one its most awarded shows.

If you live in the New York or Los Angeles area, keep your eyes peeled for billboards featuring the tagline, “All Bad things must come to an end.”  Otherwise, you’ll just have to settle for the satisfaction of this ad.

What?  No Walter?  No Jesse?  NO WALTER JR??  What a torturous teaser this is!  We haven’t been given anything to speculate about the show’s end… except, of course, for this reddit AMA done by Michelle MacLaren, Gordon Smith, Jenn Carroll & Trevor Baker, The Production/Writing Staff from Breaking Bad.  Or you can check out the highlights of an interview USA Today did with creator Vince Gilligan, who reportedly broke down and cried while writing the final episodes.

And if that doesn’t do anything for you, then surely you have no soul perhaps Samuel L. Jackson reading a famous monologue will remind you whom it is who knocks.  SPOILER ALERT: Samuel L. Jackson is the one who knocks.  Also, he may or may not be giving up acting for a life as a vigilante.

Jackson posted this monologue as a reward for his fans donations on  He has stepped up as a major advocate of the Alzheimer’s Association, and he hopes that, through the contribution of donations, together we can change the future of Alzheimers.  Also, rewards for donations include signed photographs and Kangol hats, exclusive video clips, and voicemail recordings for three lucky fans.

This is a much more light-hearted (and legal) approach than cooking and selling meth to raise money for Alzheimer’s awareness.  But I’m sure that won’t stop Walter White… or will it?  WHO KNOWS, WE DON’T.  We’ll just have to patiently wait until August 11th for Walter White to come knocking again.

By Kevin Cardoni


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