December 14, 2013

Great GoogaMooga 2013

Great GoogaMooga 1

This year I was able to go to Great GoogaMooga, a food, wine, and music festival held in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Great GoogaMooga is a festival put on by the people who started Bonnaroo, so needless to say I was very excited! GoogaMooga brings together vendors from the top restaurants in the New York City and Brooklyn, each featuring one dish only at each stand. The dishes ranged from modern Chinese bao zi, to snail and rabbit paella, all the way to foie gras doughnuts!

After making a few laps around the park, I decided on getting half a grilled lobster from The Lobster Place. It was delicious, but definitely very messy- thank god for extra napkins!

Great GoogaMooga 2

My sister decided to go to Hill Country Barbecue Market’s stall, which was featuring a smoked beef brisket, cucumber salad, and strangely, a slice of white bread on the side.

Great GoogaMooga 3

Then, to satisfy my sweet tooth and because “there’s always money in the banana stand“, I headed to The Big Banana for a vegan dark chocolate dipped frozen banana covered in salted peanuts. The stand also offered a sweeter version dipped in toasted coconut.

Great GoogaMooga 4

We then purchased some beef jerky from Slantshack Jerky to munch on while we listened to Pearl and The Beard.  Slantshack offered both an original and a spicy red rub flavored jerky- we opted for the spicy. It was amazing! It tasted exactly like chili and because they use 100% grass-fed beef to make their jerky it didn’t taste fatty like other brands tend to. At 8 dollars a bag, this jerky is pretty pricy, but I’m honestly considering buying some in bulk…

Great GoogaMooga 5

There were tons of great dishes featured at Great GoogaMooga this year, but not too many for vegetarians and vegans. This surprised me since Brooklyn is an area that has so many hipsters (I mean…vegans and vegetarians). This is only GoogaMooga’s second year so I’m guessing it will only get better! Sad you missed it? There’s always next year!

Happy eating!

By Alex Borden


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