December 17, 2013

Gremlins Remake? Say what?

Gremlins Gizmo

Apparently, Gremlins is back; only not in its original form. The 1984 classic is being remade. Recent outlets indicate that Warner Bros is in talks with Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment to recreate this once in a lifetime (should not be remade) film. Huffington Post has also confirmed such statements claiming Seth Grahame-Smith is set to produce.

As you may recall from an earlier article of mine I absolutely LOVE Gremlins and truly enjoy watching it. That said here is my opinion; I think the idea of remaking Gremlins is pointless. Let me explain: Why remake something that is SO incredibly fantastic already? I may be the only person who wants to keep classics as classics but remaking Gremlins is like remaking 1987′s Mannequin, um… NO!

Side note: There have also been rumors of a Mannequin remake. Really…

So why all the remakes? Is Hollywood running out of ideas on new films? Are scripts just not what they used to be? I do not know but I am certainly annoyed with the amount of remakes. Does anyone remember audience reactions when it was announced that 1987′s Dirty Dancing was in the works to be remade? If I remember correctly ABC News reported an outrage. Some films just shouldn’t be remade.

A prime example of films that should never be made over is 1960′s Psycho. The remake, directed by Gus Van Sant which came out in 1998 was a shot-by-shot remake. This draws a simple statement from my lips… NO. NO. NO.

My love for classic films is deep, especially those from the 80′s but leave them in the era where they belong. If you must remake a film, make sure it actually holds the ability to be remade.

Maybe I’m wrong, it’s absolutely probable a Gremlins remake would be phenomenal, but there is something about the history, the rawness of a classic that should remain a classic. My opinion, leave Gremlins in the past and tell a new story.

By Kevin Tydlaska


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  • Jill Pinnella Corso

    I’m with you. Why do they always have to ruin my childhood classics?!

    I haven’t seen Gremlins in years. That Gizmo dance is awesome.