January 1, 2014

Parks and Recreation Will Be Back! Let’s Celebrate!

Nick Offerman sawing

Parks and Recreation was officially picked up for season six! Huzzah!  In honor of this excellent announcement, treat yo’self to Nick Offerman reading tweets from young female celebrities from a segment on Conan aptly titled: Nick Offerman Reads Tweets from Young Female Celebrities. Amazing, isn’t it?  Nick Offerman is basically Ron Swanson in real life.  The wood shop shown in the video, as well as Parks, is Offerman’s actual shop.  It wouldn’t shock me if one day he grabbed his go bag, ran into the woods, and disappeared forever.  Until then, let’s treasure all the Swanson/Offerman we can get.  It is a great day.  So head home from work, grab a pint at your local bar, put on a tiny hat, and dance your ass off just like Ron Swanson.

By Alec Bugg


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