January 9, 2014

Trailer: Ender's Game is a Battlefield

Ender's Game poster

I read Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game in one day.  A blizzard hit Fairfax, VA and, as all college kids did when handed a free day off, I decided to read a book.  My friends continually tried to pry me away to go sledding on cafeteria trays down the hill behind our dorms or to go down the hall for frozen blizzard drinks but I steadfastly refused them all.  I was enraptured with Ender and his endless training for the coming war.  Since then, I’ve used the alias Ender in many online strategy video games and revisited the book many times.  To say I’ve been eagerly anticipating the movie would be an understatement.

Finally, a full trailer has been released and, after digesting it many, many times my excitement has reached a fevered pitch.  Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Viola Davis, Ben Kingsley, Abigail Breslin and Asa Butterfield make up the all-star cast that is bringing Ender’s Game to life.  To briefly summarize, Asa Butterfield plays Ender, a young commander in training to strike back at the aliens who nearly destroyed Earth.  He undergoes grueling psychological and physical training as he prepares to lead Earth’s forces into battle against the alien threat.  As for the rest, the trailer speaks for itself so I will sit back and let you, the reader, enjoy it for yourself as I enjoy it for the 10th time today.

It’s going to be a long wait but Ender’s Game comes out November 1, 2013.

By Alec Bugg


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