December 14, 2013

New Pacific Rim Footage Blows Everything Out of the Water

Robot Monster fight

Does it even matter what’s being said here, because if the title is any indication you should just skip down to the video and witness the thing that makes the angels cry and the devils swoon. But if you feel you need an introduction to what is evidence for Pacific Rim being the best movie to come of Summer 2013, here it is. A dimensional rift opens up in the Pacific Ocean, leading to giant monsters coming through and wrecking everything. Seeing an opportunity to make giant robots, the governments of the countries lying on the Pacific Rim make giant robots so they can combat the giant monsters decimating the population. Awesomeness ensues. And it is glorious!

It’s difficult to put into words just what this actually means to me. I’ve already talked about how thankful I am that somebody managed to make a movie about giant robots that looks, feels, and seriously looks amazing, but there’s so much more here. This could very well be an Avatar moment. When studio executives see the success of a movie and go, “Look at this pile of money! We need to make it bigger, and give them more of what they want!” Smaller dramas and character studies may have the depth and intensity that make moviemaking an art, but something this big potentially being a massive success could be paradigm changing. Like The Avengers last year (Wow that was last year already?), a movie with smart interesting characters doing amazing things with the full potential that a near bottomless special effects budget allows. I’ve only seen this clip and the official trailer and all of that is more memorable than some of the bigger budgeted blockbusters of past summers. Maybe this could inspire the right kind of change. Or at least one can hope it will. But that may be setting expectations a little too high, but not quite as high as a 300 foot tall giant robot designed to fight giant monsters with a rocket punch.

By Marc Price


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