December 18, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Jetta

Jetta music

The Liverpudlian artist known as Jetta, now living in London, caused minor waves last year when she released “Start a Riot”. The daughter of musical parents, she started her music career as a back up singer for Cee Lo Green and Paloma Faith. Her first major single, “Start a Riot”, unfortunately did not get the attention it rightfully deserved. It is the kind of song that one would have expected to be a lot bigger than what it is. The single perfectly captures her soulful voice and is a deep, melodic tune that builds into a powerful, beautiful chorus. It is the product of someone born to create music, and it’s a shame it hasn’t been more popular.

But all of that might change. Judging by her recent demo, “Can You Hear Me Now”, Jetta is set to become a major player in the music scene. The song is darker than “Start a Riot,” enhanced by an ominous beat that transitions perfectly into a bright chorus. Despite the strength of her songs, there has been difficulty getting them out into the mainstream.

Unfortunately, there is little else known about Jetta besides what is on her Facebook or Twitter. It seems odd that such a brilliant musician would stay so quiet. There’s no hint at an upcoming full album, nor an official website.  It’s almost cruel of her to tease her audience with such songs and not promise something more for us to look forward to.

Do yourself a favor and check out her two singles, “Start a Riot” and “Can You Hear Me Now”.

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By Kyle Shaughnessy


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