December 26, 2013

No Place On Earth: A Survival Story

No Place on Earth

I stumbled upon this trailer and after being completely drawn to it’s heart wrenching story I had to share.

When I think of the Holocaust I think of my high school years. My sophomore year of high school our English class watched the film Schindler’s List so as to better relate to this monumental time in history. The film captivated me and I found myself stewing over it for days. The terror these people endured was unbelievable to me and as a fifteen year old boy, I couldn’t help but become extremely emotional about it. I cried during and after the film and am still haunted by multiple scenes.

No Place on Earth, a documentary directed by Janet Tobias is the story of caver Chris Nicolas‘s discovery of unexplained objects in Ukraine’s “gypsum giants” underground cave system. What comes from this discovery is a story of desperation and the desire to survive against all odds. Called an adventurous Holocaust survival story, No Place on Earth combines the excitement of caving with historical recounts of survival within one of the worst places for Jews during the Holocaust. The film includes reinactment footage, survivor interviews, the caving expedition, and finally coverage of the survivors journey back into the caves. Pretty spectacular stuff if you ask me.

An official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival, No Place on Earth truly envelops what people are capable of with the will to survive.

The Bottom Line according to The Hollywood Reporter refers to No Place on Earth as an “astonishing tale of Holocaust survival (which) benefits from interviews with a surprising number of those who lived it.” No Place on Earth is sure to impress any viewer. With a scheduled release date of April 5th in NY and LA I am certain to attend.

Check out The Hollywood Reporter’s full article here.

Check out the offical film’s website here.

By Kevin Tydlaska


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