December 23, 2013

Trailer for Planes

Planes Dusty Pixar

Since the Cars, despite not being stellar movies for the “good movie” arm of Disney, are the real money makers in terms of merchandising, say hello to a new trailer for a spin-off from this series, starring what seems to be a propeller plane doing “the Top Gun” to music by Rob Zombie.

Of course it’s still Pixar DisneyToon Studios so this definitely still has its charm. Whether or not this movie will even actually have a scene on an aircraft carrier or this entire set up was just for cool trailer footage, there isn’t much to be said on what this seems to be going for beyond a propeller plane trying to prove himself to the modern technologically advanced jets. According to the brief synopsis on IMDB the propeller plane’s name is Dusty, appropriately named for being a crop duster. But ironically, he’s a plane afraid of heights. Despite this he’s got dreams of racing, so he needs to train and overcome his fear in order to do it.

Okay, I’m game. I know the studio, so despite the rather straightforward plot and the unfortunate attachment to the rather weak Cars movies, I would say I am optimistic about this movie turning out alright. Despite harping on the franchise as a whole, it’s good for Pixar DisneyToon Studios, and good for Pixar DisneyToon Studios means they can keep making more movies. Movies that tug on your heartstrings like Disney itself used to be able to do while it was still able to masquerade as “not a soulless monolithic empire that’s solely looking to profit on the demise of its artistic integrity” during the years that Walt Disney was still alive. If a cash in every odd numbered year is what it takes, then I’ll buy the ticket, wear a smile, and go along with it until the next movie about kitchen appliances looking for greater purpose in life. Or until they finally get the story right and make an Incredibles sequel.

By Marc Price


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  • Samantha Wade

    This is not a Pixar movie…….. its in the Cars universe but is produced by Disney animation studios, not Pixar…

    • iheardin

      Thanks for the correction!