Is Jennifer Lawrence the Actress of our Generation?

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Some people love her. Some people love her slightly less. But let’s be honest, nobody hates Jennifer Lawrence – it’s next to impossible. The Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games star is exactly the type of actress the mid-20 something generation can relate to.

I remember watching Winter’s Bone, her first widely released film, and thinking, “Wow, this girl is amazing,” then thinking, “Who the hell is she?” The dark, ominous film with serious undertones, despite being solid on its own, was strongly carried by her dominating performance and brought her a first Oscar nomination. Though she did not win, her performance was regarded as one of the strongest debuts in recent history. Once she was cast as Katniss Everdeen, however, she became an overnight star.

Since then, she has become a household name. The Hunger Games opened to rave reviews and ruled the box office, exposing her to a whole new group of fans. Who could have guessed then she’d be nominated for an Oscar again just two years after Winter’s Bone for Silver Linings Playbook? The 22 year old is now an Oscar winner and two-time nominee. But it isn’t just her incredible talent that keeps us wanting more.

Plain and simple, she’s funny. She’s down to Earth, quirky, honest, and unafraid of embarrassing herself. On the red carpet at the Oscars, she unabashedly admitted to Ryan Seacrest that she was “starving”. She tripped walking up the stairs to receive her award and opened her speech with, “You guys are just standing because you feel bad that I fell.” Then, during the question-and-answer portion after the Oscars, a snide reporter that asked if she was worried she was peaking too soon prompted her to respond, “Well, NOW I am!” And that was just at the Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect mix of talent, humor, and relatability. She gives powerful performances when she is on screen and somehow entertains just as much off screen. She’s the kind of girl that would convince you to take just one more shot when you’re out at the bar and then hold back your hair when you’re paying for it later.

There are some actors that plead for our approval by acting their way through an Oscar speech. Then there are some, like Jennifer Lawrence, who are genuinely happy and speechless when they win. She may allude to beating Meryl Streep or suggest that Harvey Weinstein killed someone, but that is what makes her great. She doesn’t care who loves her and who doesn’t, and that’s exactly why we do.

By Kyle Shaughnessy

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  • Lpdt

    There are people who DO hate her, most notably for posts like these. I’m a fan of hers, but engrandazing posts like this only fuel the hate and annoyance (especially since she’s too reported in the media), and contributes to the ongoing conversation of her (without fault of her own) being “overrated”.
    We know that a backlash may inevitably ensue, what with someone so popular and “it” right now, so stop contributing to it. People are waiting to find some fault or other to tear her down.

    • Mark Lysle

      I agree. Jennifer’s a talented actress with an amazing future in movies ahead of her. Let’s not tempt the legions of “haters” – especially those who confuse Hollywood with communism, etc.

    • Eduardo Sodre Junior

      so basically what you’re saying is that nobody can be TOO GOOD?

      what kind of age of cynicism we live, that everything have to be average and mediocre, and we find anything exceptional we need to take it on stride to look cool?

      i hate this hipster attitude that is impregnating on society

      when i see something incredible in front of me i gonna call it like i see

      you liking or not

      • Kyle Shaughnessy

        I think the issue that he is taking is in the title of the article, asking if she is THE actress of our generation. I think he just dislikes seeing someone reported in the media as much as she is. I also think he is arguing that my post contributes to other people hating her and will inspire them to discover a fault in her. He is arguing that because she is SO reported on right now and because the haters are trying to find something to fault her on, that I should not have written something on her. I hate to disagree, but that argument doesn’t make any sense. Why should I (or we – the lovers – for that matter) be afraid of writing positive things about someone because we don’t want to upset the people that dislike her? In the end, there’s not much we can do, because haters gon hate.

        • Peach314

          She is great at self promotion; not an outstanding actress.

  • westseadoc

    She is simply adorable!! Most young men want to date her and older men want to adopt her! Girls want her for a friend or sister. She is a breath of fresh air in stuffy Hollywood where everyone else over assumes their own importance.

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