December 27, 2013

Get Weird With David Lynch's Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

I’ve always loved David Lynch, not only for his brilliant filmmaking, but also for his commitment to, and exploration of, meditation. So when I was confined to my apartment because of sickness and snow this past week I decided to re-watch Twin Peaks.

I probably haven’t seen the show in ten years so I had forgotten a lot of what happened and was able to watch it almost anew.  I made it through the entire first season and it is simultaneously hilarious and creepy.  As a fan of The X-Files, I have to give tribute to this show as a road paver for Chris Carter’s amazing vision.  Agent Cooper is the original quirky, badass and funny FBI agent, constantly verbalizing his findings into a tape recorder, marked by name for “Diane”.  He requires only a good cup of black coffee and a clean, affordable place to stay.

Twin Peaks Agent Cooper

Even with over the top characters, the show is still easy to watch and quite satisfying to follow.  It fits perfectly that a woman’s pet log was witness to important details of the crime.  And that a mina bird perhaps holds the key to uncovering what really happened that night, if only they can nurse it back to its healthy, jovial self, so it will speak again.

Twin Peaks log lady

Another one of my favorite aspects of the show is that practically every character is sleeping with more than one person, most of the time to gain something, to get information or to distract them.  Part soap opera, part murder mystery and part small town sitcom, this, I have to say, is one of the best shows of all time.  And close rival for my love of The X-Files.  If you have never seen the show, I recommend taking the seven plus hours and commit to watching the first season.  You will not be sorry.

By Emmett Lundberg


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