December 14, 2013

Rashad Alakbarov – Projection Art: Light and Shadows

rashad alakbarov face bottles

I’ve long believed that spatial awareness was less a learned, intellectual skill, but more an innate sense. Sure, as with any skill it can be enhanced through practice, but I always thought it was rooted more within the creative recesses of the mind. It’s no surprise then that artist Rashad Alakbarov employs this ability to astounding effect. Through the careful projection of light and precise placement of objects, Rashad is able to create remarkable images on the largest of canvases. What would otherwise appear as a random cluster of things becomes a surprisingly detailed and nuanced image on the surrounding walls.

Rashad is a graduate of the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in Baku, and has most recently displayed his art installations at the Phillips de Pury Gallery in London just last year.

rashad alakbarov shadow girl


rashad alakbarov color shadows rashad alakbarov shadow thinking rashad alakbarov shadow cityscape


rashad alakbarov shadow trashpile


By David C. Sales


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