December 29, 2013

Man of Steel Official Trailer Released

Man of Steel bank

The official full length trailer is out for Man of Steel, having just been released today. I remain as excited as ever.

The biggest hurdle in portraying Superman, as previously mentioned, is balancing the grandiosity of the superhero and the humanity of Clark Kent — and further, to do it in a way that isn’t hokey or condescending. I think this trailer is another huge step in the right direction. It manages to be lofty, yet grounded. Ethereal almost, but also humble. The struggle for identity is one that’s prevalent in many superhero stories. In fact, The Amazing Spider-Man literally spells that out for you in Peter Parker‘s teacher stating that the only one real story in all of fiction is the question of, “Who am I?” Christopher Nolan‘s Batman Trilogy weaves around a similar idea, of questioning what Bruce Wayne/Batman is really responsible for and what he does or doesn’t owe Gotham. However, the thing that sets Superman apart is that he’s always been super. Clark Kent is the identity he’s had to adopt, regardless of which he considers his real one (depending on what incarnation you’re reading/watching). Batman and Spider-Man were shaped by an inciting incident. But Superman has always been a man of both worlds, but never fully able to embrace either without influence from the other. The direction of Snyder’s vision, with Nolan at the producing helm, seems to rightly and properly straddle that line. And no doubt there will be impressive visuals from Snyder to further define Clark/Superman’s place in the world he’s creating.

Man of Steel comes out June 14th, 2013.

By David C. Sales


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