December 18, 2013

A Full Atoms for Peace Album Announced!

Atoms for Peace

Atoms For Peace, the Thom Yorke and Flea-derived electro-experiment, who have been doing mini tours and random shows for the last few years announced on their Facebook page yesterday that a full length album will be out on February 25th, 2013.  Below is the tracklist and some YouTube action for the single “Default”.   I’m personally pretty jazzed about a full-length album from these guys, their sound is fairly similar to Radiohead, which I don’t think is a bad thing at all.  “Default” is an awesome taste of what’s to come, but if you don’t like Radiohead it might be best to move along (and why don’t you like Radiohead?!?! Haven’t you been informed by all knowledgeable music folk on Earth that they are the greatest band ever and are solely responsible for curing modern-day polio?!).

The other two songs floating around the nets have a familiar Yorke-inspired wafting of sound, and considering Radiohead’s producer Nigel Godrich is part of the group, this is no surprise.  However, I doubt the album will sound just like this, I mean, isn’t the whole point of side-projects,  super-groups, and collaborations to explore different areas of music? I know Thom Yorke is known for darker and usually more electronic sounds while away from Radiohead, but I’m hoping to see some serious influence from Flea this time around to stretch the range of sounds.  The videos floating around the web of their live performances really showcase what Atoms for Peace is all about, but it’s not always something that translates perfectly to studio recordings, so we shall see.  Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to February.


  • Before Your Very Eyes
  • Default
  • Ingenue
  • Dropped
  • Unless
  • Stuck Together Pieces
  • Judge Jury And Executioner
  • Reverse Running
  • Amok

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By Jared Lieberher


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