December 15, 2013

Pacific Rim Teaser Trailer

Pacific Rim teaser

Barely a minute of blurry, shaky, footage of things happening around the golden gate bridge, and an aircraft carrier. While I despise the execution of it, specifically for the way it’s emulating Cloverfield despite being intercut with news broadcasts, I am really, genuinely excited for this movie. I am excited because on that aircraft carrier, is a tied down giant monster. A tied-down, GIANT MONSTER! A Guillermo Del Toro movie about a giant monster!

For those unaware, Guillermo Del Toro is the guy who directed Blade 2, Hellboy, and Pan’s Labyrinth. If you have seen any of these, particularly Pan’s Labyrinth, then you know that Del Toro is one of the few people in Hollywood making movies that has an amazing, completely underrated respect for makeup and live action costume design over the subpar, unnecessary CGI that plague what could otherwise be good movies. What does this mean? The giant monster will probably still be CGI, but it will still look really, really cool.

Did I mention the giant robots? Oh yeah, there are also giant robots. Fighting the giant monsters. That’s incredible. Not just for being of a genre effectively killed by the remake of Godzilla starring Matthew Broderick, but for trying at the same style premise for Mecha-Godzilla, minus the aesthetic. With zombies, vampires, and men that dress as bats all starting to wear out their welcome in the movie theater, giant monsters are the one mythical creature that studios aren’t clamoring to push into the limelight. Even if it turns out to be a sub-par film, the fact that Godzilla style monsters can still find their way to the big screen gives the hope that other such monsters may follow suit. Seriously though, giant robots fighting giant monsters, and they got a great director to make it happen. I am cautiously optimistic about this.

The full trailer is set to be released sometime next week.

By Marc Price


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