Jeremy Renner Playing By The Rules… of SNL

19 Nov, 2012

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Some of Saturday Night Live’s best sketches have been well thought out, superbly designed satires of the current state of affairs in the country. But the most memorable moments of the show tend to be when actors break, props don’t work quite right, or when something generally doesn’t work. Jeremy Renner’s stint on Saturday Night Live did a very good job of proving that sentiment correct.

I don’t mean this to be mean spirited, as anyone who doesn’t do something exactly as he or she intended in front of an audience may feel embarrassed, but in this case I think it worked out in Jeremy’s favor. At the beginning of his monologue he seemed a little stiff. But when his piano wouldn’t play, he didn’t panic. What he did was brush it off, and after that he seemed much more relaxed and pulled off the rest of his monologue rather smoothly. And he managed to pull off a decent episode of SNL as well. He’s much better suited for serious roles, so after the beginning where he has to play goofy, he gets much more comfortable on stage.

The real talk of the town though is Chris Christie’s appearance on Weekend Update. The actual Chris Christie. Like Jeremy, he gave off a vibe of not being used to television appearances as well, but just the same he managed to brush it off with some good ol’ fashioned “people from New Jersey are angry” humor. Despite some political disagreements I may have with the Governor of my state, I laughed and felt that his sincerity giving thanks to all the men and women who have participated in cleaning up and giving aid to all those affected by the hurricane was very genuine. He has my respect in that regard. All my other thoughts concerning him belong on a different website.

All in all, it was a fair episode of Saturday Night Live. There have been better, there have been worse. In a previous episode, Louis C.K. had a similar time to Jeremy in a sketch he did involving the blowing of a horn. I’m fairly certain Ashley Simpson had a worse time than both of them trying to sing off the rhythm of her CD. Sometimes it’s better to laugh off the mistakes you make right then and there, just so that you can laugh with the audience rather than feel embarrassed. I look forward to an episode where he hosts again, though I’m sure that’s quite a ways away after this past weekend’s production.

By Marc Price

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