Lizzy Caplan & Alison Brie in Save The Date Trailer

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Here’s a quick rundown; Alex Cross sucks, any Paranormal Activity that has a number at the end will never be as good as the first one, and the powers that be have decided that Community shouldn’t premiere on October 19th (but it’s okay because October 19th is a state of mind). Community? I hear you saying. “The TV show that stars Alison Brie? I wonder what else she’s in.” I will tell you what she’s in. A new movie out of Sundance called Save the Date.

Sarah, played by Lizzy Caplan, is in the middle of a relationship crisis while her sister Beth, played by Alison Brie is getting ready for her wedding.  While the backdrop of this romantic comedy may seem a little strained or cliché, this trailer does a good job of blanketing that worry with genuine characters, or people who look like they are actually having problems. The reason romantic comedies generally suck is twofold; they have characters you couldn’t stand to sit next to in silence on a 30 minute bus trip, and they always beat a dead horse of a plot. With this though, it all seems shaken up enough to be intriguing to even my jaded personal view of the genre.

Another important thing to note here is the female lead in this movie. It’s not unheard of in romantic comedies for there to be a leading female role, but this just feels different. Generally speaking, over the course of the average romantic comedy the guy will come to a crossroads of his relationship and make a life changing choice, not only about who he wants to be with, but who he wants to be. It seems like this movie is taking that one part, turning it into the entire movie, and casting a woman in place of the man. She’s stuck in that limbo part of her relationship where the road forks and everything she knows and doesn’t know about herself and the people around her will be affected by her decision. Usually, when I see a trailer for a romantic comedy I only see an ad for a movie where two people with first world problems fall in love, contrive a reason to break it off, then get back together forever. The fact that I am thinking this much about a two minute trailer is definitely a good thing because it means there is more underneath the surface. That’s a rare thing.

Of course it won’t be a surprise to hear me say I think Alison is sublime in Community so she is definitely going to be funny in this, and Geoffrey Arend hopefully won’t have any elevator scenes (he was in Devil) which is a definite plus for him. Mark Webber was a part of Scott Pilgrim, so I can guarantee he will be gold in this as well. Honestly, I don’t see how this movie can be anything but good. The casting is solid, the characters don’t seem to be planks of wood, and thanks to the trailer’s appearance on Reddit I have reason to believe the director really sees this as a passion project. Hopefully I’m right. If I get the chance, this is one I wouldn’t miss.

Save the Date releases in theaters December 14, 2012.

By Marc Price

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