December 14, 2013

Artist: Larry Carlson

Fractal, House, Psychedelic, Snow, Sled, Fun, House, Stacked, Digital

Woah dude! The schnozberries taste like schnozberries! That’s the first thing that came to mind when I started trolling Larry Carlson‘s artwork (I’m not certain, but I don’t think he wants the viewer to be “sober” when looking at his art… just a hunch, that’s all I’m saying.) His stuff is super trippy to say the least and I’m not even sure how to categorize an artist that uses so many different media in order to create a piece of art. His work spans everything from video mixed with music to digital effects on photography to collages and on and on and on.

The one driving force behind all of his art is a surrealist touch which my brain has yet to figure out how to handle. Nonetheless, the hippie inside me loves this stuff and every time I see one of Larry Carlson‘s pieces I want to run naked through a field while a sitar plays in the background. Well, not really… but you know what I mean. Seriously though, I highly suggest you hit up the links below (especially Larry Carlson’s Vimeo channel “The Magical Mind Melt Show”) and go through as much of his art as possible. It’s pretty freakin’ cool.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Vimeo

Digital, Manipulation, Face, Trippy, Psychedelic, Drugs, Tripping

PHOSPHORUS from Larry Carlson on Vimeo.

Beach, Woman, Butt cheek, Skinny Dipping, Waves, Water, Swimming, Summer Creepy, Winter, Wolf, Woman, Beast, Red Eyes, Hunters, Dusk, Night, Death, Horror Collage, Paper, Skeleton, Stars, Wheels, Psychedelic,

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