December 16, 2013

Music: Alamantra - Bread

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Alamantra is not a new band, but they are a hidden gem (to me at least.) Sure, they’ve been around in one form or another since 1995, however since I just heard about them they’re new to me. And even though they’ve been around for a while they’re a legit indie group. They’re a deep south rockin’ band with a lot of chill and tons of jam to their rhythm. Me gusto mucho. The singer has a soothing voice, the lyrics are awesome, and the whole band has a relaxing vibe to it. If you still need a little something to push you over the edge, Alamantra is all about philanthropy. For years they’ve been playing benefit concerts to raise money for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network.)

I just gave a listen to Alamantra’s latest album Workingman’s Bread and I enjoyed a bunch of the tracks, so I’m putting one up here for everyone else to enjoy. “Bread” really lives up to their mantra, “Workingman’s Bread: Served with thick, rich, organic, homemade jam… Southern style.” The nice part is that if you like it, a high quality version of the song is free to download off their website and while you’re there you can stream to the rest of their album. If you like a good ol’ jammin’ band, then Alamantra is worth giving a listen to.

Alamantra – Working Mans Bread – Bread


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