December 19, 2013

Music: Freedom Fry - Let The Games Begin

French Girl, American Guy, Musical Duo, Long Blond Hair, Blonde, Francophonic

A few minutes ago I had the pleasure of being followed on twitter by Freedom Fry. The name caught my attention and I started checking their stuff out. It’s not usual that I actually end up writing about a band so quickly, but a few listens and you’ll notice that there is something special there. Everyone knows I have a soft spot for a boy/girl duo and Freedom Fry’s Marie Seyrat & Bruce Driscoll really hit that spot for me. Between Marie’s lightly whispered vocals (French accent <3) and the beautiful instrumentation, I find my toes wiggling and my heart skipping. I was trying to find a song off of their debut EP, Let The Games Begin, that sums up my new born love for the band but I couldn’t so I put them all up for your listening pleasure. Oh And make sure to check out their music videos on Youtube, pretty cute stuff. Enjoy.

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