December 13, 2013

Artist: Jeremy Hush

Black Dog, Nature, Girl, Arrows, Animals, Creatures, Nature, Furry, Flowers, Weeds, Forest

Jeremy Hush is a local artist from Philadelphia, PA whom I have just come across. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the subject of his pieces: adventures in fantasy worlds featuring beautiful women and their beasts.

The interplay of a natural world with human violence and a hint of something almost unnatural in his work pulls me in, while his unique style of drawing keeps me captivated and when I look at his art I am immediately struck by how closely life and death are connected in each moment… they exist simultaneously everywhere.

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Horse, Girl, Flowers, Petals, Attack, Arrows, Bone, Death, Life Girl, Woman, Beautiful, hot, Braids, Long Hair, Bats, Birds, Mouse, Cute, Grass, Nature, Life, Heal, Healing Swamp, Dark, Darkness, Death, Eyes, Sinking, Birds, Owls, Night, Decay, Trap Girl, Horse, Rearing, Arrows, Rain, Fantasy, Dusk, Dawn, Run, Panic, Fear, Adventure, Bareback Riding, Long Hair, Safety, Danger

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